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Stages, Jubilee stations, affiliated establishments, where to sleep, where to eat... Consult the interactive map of the route so as not to miss anything along the way and to make sure you are fully prepared.

In preparing any journey properly, information is essential, and this is even more the case on a pilgrimage. Whether you are still planning to follow the Camino de Levante or are already on the route, we are providing this interactive map to make life simpler for you. If you are carrying a mobile phone, then this technological resource will be enough to increase your enjoyment of the experience of travelling to the fifth Holy City in the world: Caravaca de la Cruz.


The Camino de Levante consists of five stages, and although they are all well signposted there is always a risk of getting lost. In addition, you may be interested to learn about the monuments, hostels and bars which are nearest to you at any given point in order to break up the journey, rest up for a while or take in refreshments The first part of the map shows the different stages of the route, allowing you to choose which ones you wish to see, and which you don't. In addition, and by clicking on the map, you can zoom in to find out exactly where you are, what distance you have already completed, and how much still lies ahead.

Another alternative way of reaching Caravaca is to complete each of the stages, but adding in the cities and town which lie along the route, allowing pilgrims to gain an insight into different municipalities of the Region of Murcia while completing their Jubilee route. The Camino de Levante runs through nine main towns and cities, and it's not necessary to visit all of them, but for example if a pilgrim is close to Beniel, Bullas, Alguazas or Campos del Río the option of crossing the town centre exists. In these cases the map shows street plans, and if the "monuments" button is selected it shows which museums or other places of cultural interest are nearby, and which can be visited if you would like to do so.


As you will doubtless need more than one day to complete the route, you will need to find somewhere to spend the night, and there is therefore a button for "accommodation" which can be activated on the map. Pilgrims can then choose among hotels, inns, apartments, campsites, country cottages and other places to sleep: clicking on one of the options presented opens up a tab with further icons, containing the name and address of each establishment and a contact phone number.


To enrich the route and your experience on it, each stage contains museums, monuments and interpretation centres which will help pilgrims to understand the history of the people of the Region of Murcia. The procedure to find these locations during the course of your route is the same as that used to access information about the accommodation or the different points signposted along the route. Details of these places can be found by clicking on the relevant icons and then choosing those which most appeal or interest, from the offerings of museums, monuments or interpretation centres.


In order to ensure comfortable travel for the pilgrim in all circumstances, information is also provided concerning the locations of bus and railway stations nearby so that alternative means of transport can be found when necessary. Information is also given about basic services which might be needed, including medical centres, hospitals, pharmacies and tourist information offices. These can be found in the "information and help" sections on the map, which show basic services which may be needed. Clicking onto these sections, you will be able to see the nearest service to you or those which will be of the most interest.


Finally, the map also features a category called "Others", which includes restaurants along the route in case you need to stop and gather strength in order to continue the journey.

This interactive map will become your indispensable ally along the route, and will help you to find the most important services you might need on your journey to Caravaca de la Cruz.


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