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Digital Credential and multimedia visual guide

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Explore the Levante Way with our Digital Credential and Multimedia Guide

Welcome to the Levante Way

The Levante Way is a fascinating route that runs between Orihuela and Caravaca de la Cruz, offering a unique experience through diverse landscapes and historic towns.

Digital Credential

Digital Credential

We present the Digital Credential for the Levante Way, a modern tool to easily record your progress on your mobile device.

Convenience: Access your credential from your smartphone.
Accurate Recording: Keep a detailed record of your stages and stamps.
Sustainability: Reduce paper usage.
Quick Certification: Facilitate the obtaining of your Caravacensis.

Multimedia visual guide

Multimedia visual guide

Our Digital Multimedia Guide for the Levante Way is your ideal companion, providing all the necessary information for your pilgrimage.


3D Geo Viewpoints: The best locations to show you what you shouldn't miss.
Quick Guides: By sections and municipalities with essential geolocated information about the route.
Interactive Maps: Navigate with ease.

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