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The Confraternity of the Most Holy and True Cross

A year of faith, reconciliation and solidarity which shines out like a beacon in Caravaca de la Cruz, the fifth place in the world to be granted a Jubilee Year in perpetuity.

The Confraternity of the Most Holy and True Cross

Reports of the existence of the Royal and Illustrious Confraternity of the Most Holy and True Cross of Caravaca date back approximately five hundred years, when a group of devotees of the Sacred Relic decided to unite to promote and spread the worship of and festivities for the Patron Saint of Caravaca, infusing them with the utmost splendor.

As early as the 16 th century, the Confraternity was clearly autonomous and 17 th -century documents attest to the canonical constitution of this Confraternity, its dedication to worship, and also its charitable and social work; as was then typical of all the confraternities, these efforts were carried out in a clearly inclusive way, assisting pilgrims arriving to the Sanctuary from "all parts of Christendom" The 19th and 20th centuries saw numerous efforts aimed at achieving greater official recognition of the veneration of the True Cross, and promoting pilgrimages.

The granting of the Jubilee Year in perpetuum has swelled the number of pilgrims and augmented the obligations of the Confraternity as regards everything related to them and the festivities of the True Cross.

Over time, various groups have appeared that voluntarily carry out their work in various areas, thereby helping it to fulfil its mission. There are currently several groups of volunteers of a permanent nature, including the Compañía de Armaos and the Caballeros del Palio, confraternities dedicated to the organization of the processions and volunteers during the jubilee years.


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