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A project to add value to the area around Caravaca, to make the area an important reference point for tourists and to recover its heritage.

Caravaca de la Cruz 2024, Jubilee Year. These words will become etched in the memories of those living in Caravaca and the rest of Murcia. This is due to the efforts of the regional government, the Town Hall of Caravaca de la Cruz and the Brotherhood of the Santísima y Vera Cruz to drive forwards with the project to ensure that the area is accorded the importance it deserves.

In order to achieve this an ambitious strategy has been designed, with the Camino de la Cruz as the axis of the project. Amongst the actions to be undertaken are the maintenance and improvement of tourist facilities along the route, its promotion as one of the leading attractions in the Region, the recovery of the heritage and infrastructures in the area and the consolidation of the network of "albergues" (or inns and hostels).

As well as this, the cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage of all the localities on the pilgrimage routes to Caravaca de la Cruz are being protected and promoted, and efforts are being made to encourage collaboration among all public administration bodies to attract as many pilgrims as possible to the Camino de la Cruz and use it as a showcase for the heritage of the Region.


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