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you should forget about your umbrella and your coat

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How do I apply for my Pilgrim's Passport? See more
Every parish church in the Region of Murcia has copies of a document entitled "Solicitud de Credencial del Peregrino", so one option is to go to one of these churches and pick one up.

Once the document is filled in it will be stamped by the parish priest so that you can take it to the headquarters of the Diocese of Cartagena (in Murcia). It should be handed in to the "Secretaría General" of the Diocese, where the Credencial will be issued in exchange for a donation of 2 euros, which will be donated to charities in Caravaca.

If a group or parish church wishes to request the Credencial for all the members of the group, a copy of the application form must be completed for each applicant. Groups or churches located outside the Region of Murcia can contact the Secretaría General del Obispado directly by email at or by telephone on (+34) 968 221 371.
How do I receive my Pilgrim's Certificate? See more
In order to receive the Pilgrim's Certificate (or Caravaquensis) from the Diocese of Cartagena, pilgrims must collect stamps at the following points:

All churches, Station of the Jubilee (Iglesia de El Salvador in Caravaca), Places of Pilgrim Blessings (Church of San Antonio in Cehegín, Monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación in Mula, Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Bullas and the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios in Albudeite) and important ecclesiastical monuments along the Camino de Levante, including the Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace in Murcia.

The Tourist offices of the municipalities through which the Camino runs (or Town Halls where there is no Tourist Office). These locations will be identified with plaques which show them to be Stamping points.

Affiliated establishments on the Camino de Levante (accommodation, restaurants, active tourism and small shops), where special prices are offered to pilgrims. These are identified by plaques showing them to be Affiliated establishments

IMPORTANT: To earn the Pilgrim's Certificate (or Caravaquensis) it is necessary to walk to Caravaca from at least as far away as Bullas (Cehegín for children) and to receive at least 60% of the stamps available at religious establishments.

For further information consult the Diocese of Cartagena website.
Can I make my pilgrimage by car or coach? See more
Can I make my pilgrimage by car or coach? If you are visiting the Jubilee City of Caravaca by car or bus it is also possible to receive a Pilgrim's Certificate issued by the Cofradía de la Santísima y Vera Cruz de Caravaca.

Reservations for individual or group visits of this kind should be registered with the Cofradía by email at cofradí, where you will be asked to supply details. If you reserve your Pilgrim's Mass long enough beforehand the Certificate will be ready for you when you arrive.
If you are already preparing your backpack to undertake a pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz for religious reasons, don't forget to pack your "Credencial de pelegrino". This can be applied for directly from the Palacio Episcopal in Murcia or via the website of the Diocese of Cartagena, and once you have it you can begin the journey at your own leisure.

Why is the Credencial so important?

The Credencial is like an ID card, bearing your personal details and identifying your starting point on the Camino. It also contains spaces in which to accumulate the stamps supplied at churches, tourist information offices and other establishments, and is indispensable for the awarding of the Pilgrim's Certificate (or Caravaquensis) issued by the Diocese of Cartagena if the correct criteria are fulfilled.

In addition, it entitles the holder to discounts in affiliated establishments, lists of which are available at the Tourist Information Office in Caravaca and at the headquarters of the Cofradía de la Santísima y Vera Cruz de Caravaca upon arrival.

For further information consult the official website of the Diocese of Cartagena.
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