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A tale of the routes of the cross

An opportunity to meditate and reflect on yourself and all that surrounds you
in a state of intimacy which is sometimes necessary for all of us.

On foot or by bicycle?

Have you thought about how you will get to Caravaca de la Cruz?

The Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca route is a strategic project which aims to allow pilgrims to make their journeys to the Jubilee city of Caravaca de la Cruz on foot or by bicycle, following routes which have been designed in previous Jubilee Years from all over the Region of Murcia and the rest of Spain.

For many pilgrims it is a matter of pride to follow the first route which was created to Caravaca, passing along the banks of the River Segura and the Vía Verde del Noroeste (the green route of the north-west). This route is known as the Camino de Levante, and is popular for its combination of religious and cultural aspects with nature, gastronomy and the heritage of the Region.


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