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Pilgrimage Routes

An opportunity to meditate and reflect on yourself and all that surrounds you in a state of intimacy
which is sometimes necessary for all of us.

"Walker, there is no path,
The path is made when walking".
Antonio Machado.

The poem is especially relevant to pilgrims, who don't become pilgrims until they begin to walk, immersing themselves in their own spirituality while enjoying nature. The Region of Murcia is one of the recognized pilgrimage destinations in the world, and offers a new way of reaching the destination of Caravaca de la Cruz, the fifth place in the world to be recognized as a Holy City.

On all of the stages of the Camino, whether walking alone or withfamily, friends or workmates, the voyage is an opportunity to meditate and reflect on one's self and on the world around, providing the intimacy and privacy which at times is needed to find God.

At the same time, the journey makes it possible to meet others who share the same concerns, as well as to learn about the natural heritage, traditions and monuments along the way which were formerly unknown to the walker.

The Camino de Levante in the Region of Murcia follows the Vía Verde del Noroeste (the Green Route of the north-west), dividing it into four stages. The first runs from Espinardo to Alguazas, the second crosses the typical countryside of the "huerta" of Murcia, the third begins in Mula and ends in Bullas (one of the most arduous as it runs through the mountains) and the last joins Bullas and Caravaca crossing through picturesque landscapes which are well worth the effort of photographing.


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