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Culture with your family Cartagena

You will discover a destination bearing the Turismo Familiar seal, awarded by the Large Family Spanish Association


Would you like to conquer the past, interact with history and disembark at a millenary city open to the Mediterranean? It is possible. Cartagena is a Punic and Roman city, a military enclave, an art nouveau setting... A Port of Cultures where the sea is a source of amusement, civilisations, traditions and legends. A destination to enjoy together. Try experiences which will make a lasting impression on you and you will discover a destination bearing the Turismo Familiar seal, awarded by the Large Family Spanish Association. Quite a guarantee.


Family routes

Whole route with your family
Cartagena Port of Cultures offers a route to go through the whole glorious past of the city in just a few hours. You'll visit the most relevant monuments and discover how theatres used to be in Roman times, contemplate enemy boats from the Homenaje tower of the Concepción castle, and learn how to use a cannon as if you were a soldier of the 19th century at the Navidad fort. All year round. Paying activities; please book in advance.

Children's workshops

Children's workshops that make history
Are your children restless and vivacious? They will learn while they play at these workshops aimed at the little ones of the family. They will also become principal actors for a day at each of the museums. They will be pirates, secret agents, Roman soldiers, archaeologists and all they want. Easy-peasy.

Dramatised visits

Ilustrious dramatised visits
Don't be surprised about finding Scipio Africanus when you turn the corner. Maybe Augustus or Alfonso X, called the Wise, will accompany you during your visit. The great characters of Cartagena's history will appear to show you the important legacy of civilisations that settled at this port, revealing their secrets, legends and amazing stories. Sh! Listen carefully.

The Cartagena inititiative, "Port of Cultures", opens up a wide range of possibilities which enable the visitor to enjoy the city's heritage and cultural riches: to find out about its origins by visiting the Punic Walls, evidence of the founding of the city by the Carthaginian Asdrubal in the year 227 B.C., where a Visitor Activity Centre will explain all about that fundamental part of its history and the local archaeology.


Cartagena is a city with more than 2,500 years of history. Each corner, street and square of the city offers travellers monumental examples of its splendorous historical past, of the civilizations that put in at its port.


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