Nature for all five Senses


"Nature for all five Senses" is a set of experiences that we have carefully selected so that you can savor each moment, feeling like time has stopped, focusing on your well-being and the benefits that nature can give you.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a Japanese therapy that consists of walking slowly through the forest, or in nature, unhurriedly, connecting with it through the senses.


Paddleboards, or SUPs, can be powerful tools for self-knowledge and reconnection with oneself, the environment, and life, when used mindfully.

Therapeutic Hiking

Therapeutic hiking is aimed at all those who feel a need for change in their lives, as it helps one to control their anxiety and live in a healthy way.

Yoga in nature

Yoga is the best way to recover harmony, peace, and feel better, physically. For this, we offer a wide variety of yoga experiences in nature.

Sound Baths

Enjoy a sound bath with oriental instruments which will take you to a state of

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