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Holy Week Cartagena

From March 31 to April 9

Declared of International Tourist Interest

The Holy Week in Cartagena is one of the greatest treasures of the city. Its processions, at night or in the early hours of the morning, are lived with so much excitement that even the tourists will not be able to avoid feeling involved in the devotion and dedication.

What makes the processions of Cartagena different is their perfect order and absolute silence, which has been inherited from the military past of the city. You will be impressed by the simultaneous movements of the hoods in the narrow streets of the city; by the richness of polychromes in the stunning thrones, and by the illumination provided by some special lamps called "cartelas".


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The procession most renowned takes place during the early hours of the morning between Thursday and Friday before Palm Sunday. This penitential "Via Crucis" (Stations of the Cross) marks the beginning of the Holy Week in the city. But what makes this procession special in Cartagena is the route through the historical centre. The members of this Brotherhood are only accompanied by "tambores sordos" (muffled drums) and prayers in the different stations.

Then, the most spectacular and popular processions are the Magna Procesión del Cristo del Prendimiento de los Californios (Procession of the Arrest), on Spy Wednesday and the Procesión del Santo Entierro de los Marrajos (Procession of the Holy Burial), on Good Friday. Order, lights, flowers and music make of this procession something unforgettable.

The procession with greater devotion is held on Holy Tuesday, one of the days of the Holy Week in Cartagena which is authentically enjoyed. The "piquetes" (military squads) of the Spanish Marine Infantry and the Spanish Army accompany the statues through the calle Mayor.


The procession of the Cofradía del Resucitado (Brotherhood of Risen Lord) on Easter Sunday; this is the only procession which takes place in the morning.


Semana de fe y pasión

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