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To make reference to the Holy Week in Lorca, Cartagena or Murcia the terms “peculiar”, “different” or “exceptional” are usually used. When you come to Jumilla, check the range of opportunities with regard to festivities and traditions that this Region offers to you. The idea of Passion changes in comparison with the previous cities.

Jumilla, without losing it roots from the eastern provinces of Spain, looks as if it had one foot, or at least its look over the Castilian meseta, where sobriety prevails. But this sobriety, even its severity, does not mean a lack of spectacularity, because in Jumilla you will find measured and concentrated spectacle, intensity and total dedication. Processions and people in Jumilla keep the Medieval spirit inside which they first appeared, which was the teaching part that all this exhibition implies. It was necessary to explain why and how the death of Christ happened and the biblical stages, so there was no better option to do it that by a Franciscan order, established in Jumilla with a missionary vocation. This order got the celebration of processions to be more, much more, than the simple act of taking out the statues from their temples.

Almost every day during this Week, apart from the processions, more significative events happen, such as: public representations of the arrest of Christ; the taking outs of thrones and statues from their churches until the starting point of the procession; proclamations, which have become a tradition; the religious pilgrimages from the hermitage of San Agustín or from the monastery of Santa Ana, a place which is worth visiting, with its sheer accesses and the viewing of an extraordinary landscape. In Jumilla, both during brotherhoods day and night routes, visitors will feel surrounded by a new and surprising atmosphere; during the day, thanks to a sky which provides singularity to what is happening in the city, and during the night, thanks to the smell of the flowers, burnt candles and music of painful, which which transform the streets of the city into a time machine.

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