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Summer Festivals

 La Mar de Músicas Cartagena


Summer is almost here and so are the Region of Murcia's festivals, blending history, nature and culture with a great atmosphere.
Have a look at some of the season's most interesting suggestions, including musics and performers from throughout the world. Just choose your favourite one and take the chance of enjoying your best summer ever!


The first big international event is the San Javier International Jazz Festival. The festival's quality and history make it one of Spain's best jazz festivals. If you choose this option, you'll enjoy jazz summer evenings just a few minutes away from the sea.

Also in July, Cartagena's port is wide open to an endless number of musics, plastic arts, photography, cinema and literature. The La Mar de Músicas Festival takes place in the city. Very different styles will shake the foundations of old Carthage. Get ready to travel around the world thanks to its sounds.

The Lo Ferro Flamenco Singing Festival, one of the flamenco festivals in a great traditional atmosphere, is celebrated from in July. Flamenco concerts, recitals and performances can be enjoyed at the Lo Ferro Flamenco Singing Festival, including new and consummate artists as well as contestants.


In August, the highlight is the Cante de las Minas de La Unión Festival, one of the most important cante jondo and flamenco events in the world. Performances by flamenco prime examples will be combined with performances by candidates for the Lámpara Minera award. The art nouveau Old Public Market is a magical space that will be shared by both flamenco experts and non-experts.

Please sit down, the show is about to start. The Festival Internacional de Teatro, Música y Danza de San Javier brings together the best music, drama, dance and comedy.

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