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Reasons to visit the region

If you forget your coat, your trip does not get ruined.

Man shall not live on beach alone

From the very moment when the rooster crows, it begins the neverending story of our daily routine which consists of making vital decisions: black or white coffee, with or without tie, car or public transport, keyword or mouse, yes or no... More and more possibilities appear everywhere. Thousands every day. It seems ironic that even choosing our holiday destination, where we go to relax and to break the routine, became exhausting.

To face a possible chronic syndrome of indecision, we have prepared an antidote of good reasons to come to the Region of Murcia which go beyond the typical sun and beach. The main one is that here you will find everything you need so you will not have to worry about being right. So get relax, breathe out y and enjoy every step as much as possible.

If after this you still doubtful, then you certainly need the shock treatment: come, come, come!

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