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Puerto Lumbreras is a small district in terms of area situated about 80 km from the city of Murcia. However, it has surprisingly varied landscapes for its size, the plains of El Esparragal being mainly dedicated to intensive agriculture, and the contrast of the upland area of Cabezo de la Jara. This area of great environmental interest contains predominantly Mediterranean type vegetation and woodland, Mediterranean pine, and even wild olive woods of great age. Among note of its wildlife are the Mediterranean tortoise, the eagle-owl, and several birds of prey.


Having a mainly agriculturally-based economy, its position as strategic point in land communications have also made the town an important transport hub and almost obliged stopping place for road transport between the Spanish Levant and the south of the country, giving rise to an important hotel and catering business. Additionally the town has developed important industries serving tourism, high-quality pottery production, carpets, fabric and articles made from esparto grass, all characteristic of the area.

Additional interest for the tourist is provided in the form of rural tourism, with the extensive availability of rural accommodation throughout the region and organised routes for visitors who fancy getting closer to nature. The Old Part of the town can be divided into various zones: the nucleus gathered round a hill consisting of cave houses at present under renovation, the old part straddling the Nogalte gully, and the modern part, stretching along the N-340 trunk road, and where it is easiest to stop off for a break, meal, or some local craft products, in any one of a number of restaurants and other establishments.


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