Victoria Theatre

Establecimiento adaptado a discapacitados

Calle del Teatro, 15,
30540 BLANCA
Telephone: +34 619 789 969 / Fax: +34 968 77 50 01

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This theatre was built in 1937. It has a simple layout. The front of the building consists of three axes, the central one, on which two bay windows protrude from the façade, each with three large windows. It is crowned with a wavy crest with six peaks at its vertices. The interior has a very simple structure: it has a stalls courtyard and two floors of boxes. The ornamentation of the interior follows the colourful style and design patterns most common in the Region of Murcia. After many decades of offering theatre performances, revues, zarzuelas, cinema... the company that operated it decided to close it due to the scarce audience, not covering the expenses.

It was put up for sale and the company that acquired it planned to demolish it in order to build a site for housing. However, the municipal corporation decided to buy it from the construction company that had previously acquired it, so that it could be returned, after its restoration, to the use and enjoyment of all locals and visitors.

The restoration work to restore its functionality began in 1995 and it reopened its doors on the 24th April 1999.

The layout and volume of the theatre is in keeping with the popular architecture of the time. The building consists of two clearly differentiated bodies. There are four levels: the first with the entrances, the public area, the stalls, and the stage, the second for the amphitheatre, and the third for the projection booth and a fourth in the cassock, where the dressing rooms and storage area are located.



How to Arrive?

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