Iglesia del Carmen

C/ Nogalte
30800 LORCA
Telephone: +34 968 467959

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Formerly the Carmelite convent of San Indalecio, its construction began in 1741 when the Carmelite establishment was definitively formalised under the patronage of the king and the Council.

Fernández Alfaro and García Campoy were involved in its construction. Of its grandiose baroque interior, the stucco altarpiece stands out, with representations of saints from the Carmelite period, and the decorative solutions of the dome with its elegant wavy cornice attributable to the Grau family.

The façade, the second most important of those built in Lorca, was conceived as a large ashlar screen with three bodies in height and three streets that reflect the compartmentalisation of the temple's space to the outside.

The convent cloister attached to the church was built late and slowly, but was left incomplete when the confiscation took place.

This parish is the religious headquarters of the Cristo del Perdón Brotherhood (Paso Morado) and during Holy Week the exhibition of embroidery and images of the brotherhood takes place here.


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