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Diving in Mazarrón

The wind caresses your face. The sunshine lls you with energy. The water re¬ection lights up your smile. What are you waiting for? It is time to explore the huge sea in Mazarrón.

Experience weightlessness while you ¬oat and leave behind the daily concerns. The Port of Mazarrón, situated between Cabo de Cope and Cabo Tiñoso, at Golfo de Vera, is a unique Mediterranean setting. Its 35 km of coastline offer plenty of deserted coves and impressive diving zones with underwater caves. It is not important if you are an expert diver or just an enthusiast. By the Murcian seaside you will nd incomparable seabeds adapted to you such as a wetsuit.

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Diving Sites

El Bajo de Emilio o Piedra del Muelle (6) . Underwater mountain ridge housing groupers, European congers, dentex, sargus, ocean sun sh, etc. Depth: 14.4 - 33.5 m.
La Isla de Paco (6) . Perfect for initiates. Great variety of animal and vegetal life. Depth: 0 - 14.4 m.
Azores(6) . Big marine animals: groupers, lobsters, morays and European congers among other. Depth: 42 m.
El Freo (6) . Variety of big-sized species. Depth: 37 m.
Isla de Cueva Lobos (6) . Big posidonia meadows and animal life. Depth: 0 - 24 m.
Nalón (6) . Minesweeper of the Armada, sunk in 1999. Depth: 33 m.
Cala del Faro (6) . Perfect for diving initiation courses. Posidonia meadows and small species such as octopuses, damsel sh, righteye ¬ounders and serranos. Depth: 2 - 9 m.

Barco Fenicio en Mazarrón

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