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Mar Menor Muds


Due to the particular weather conditions of the Mar Menor, with a great number of hours of sun a year and high salinity levels, some muds suitable for therapeutical treatments have been stocked for centuries at the northern end of the lagoon.

The latest studies by Universidad de Murcia in 1995 show that these sediments have a high percentage of cations, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluoride, as well as anions, chloride and sulphate in levels which are well over the expected ones, even for waters of this salinity level


If you suffer from bone and joint pains, you should definitely go to the muds of Las Salinas in Lo Pagán and try the well-known 'Mar Menor muds'. Due to sedimentation, on the sand and at the bottom of this small sea there are some muds with a great power of absorption, mineralising action and healing effect.

They are very appropriate for skin treatments and in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and rehabilitation after bone fracture. They are also used as an anti-inflammatory. Different thalassotherapy centres at Mar Menor use these muds in their therapeutical and beauty treatments.


Muds have an important therapeutical effect thanks to their great power of absorption, mineralising action, capacity to neutralise acidity and healing properties. That is why they are very suitable for many types of skin disease.

A mud layer on your skin absorbs all toxins of the peripheral system of your connective tissue and eliminates toxins from your dermis, acting as a real blotter for your skin.


The mud baths can be applied with a spatula or with your own hand. You should start with the application of a small amount for one hour to the maximum.

If there are no side effects, you can progressively widen time and layer thickness. It is better to enjoy mud baths in the sunshine and in warm weather, so that the clay layer can dry quickly. Between treatments, the part of your body which is being treated should be washed with salt water.

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