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La Unión

Between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean coast, shows a unique and singular landscape

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La Unión, a municipality located in the southeast of the region of Murcia, between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean coast, shows a unique and singular landscape. Its mountains, with iron, manganese, zinc, sphalerite or pyrite brushstrokes, give a peculiar touch to the landscape, deeply marked by the traces that the mining industry left behind throughout centuries of activity .


As an authentic theme park dedicated to mining activity, La Unión may awake the senses of every visitor to go into this topic in depth. And the three museums of the town were built for this purpose .

Built in 1901 as a charity centre dedicated to provide education to workers and their children, the "Liceo de Obreros" now houses the "Museo Minero" (Mining Museum). Whit its many rooms, its mock-up collection and its obvious pedagogic orientation, this museum is undoubtedly one of the best mining museum in Spain .

The "Museo Etnológico" (Ethnological Museum) located in the distric of Roche, brings us closer to the genuine customs and tradicions of this land.

The "Museo Arqueológico Romano" (Roman Archaeological Museum), is to be found in the Portmán district, (in reference to Portus Magnum, the former Roman harbour), and more precisely in the " Antiguo Hospital de Caridad" (Charity Hospital). There can be admired the biggest Roman mosaic preserved in the region, wich belongs to the I-III century AD Roman villa called "Huerta del Paturro" (Paturro's Orchard).

The tourist who walks through La Unión can appreciate unique modern buildings as "La Casa del Piñón", "El Antiguo Mercado Público", la" Iglesia Parroquial de la Virgen del Rosario" and other examples of local architectural tradition which includes the use of brich, such as "El Progreso" o "La Cooperativa".


Anyone who visits La Unión in Holy Week not only will have the privilege of admiring a Passion parade which has been declared a Regional Asset of Tourist Interest. It will also be the opportunity to contemplate the penitents parade whose participants hold in their hands mining tools and light with the typical mining lamp the way of the tercios (marine corps) By this time it is also celebrated the "Feria de Minerales y Fósiles de la Sierra Minera ( a fair of minerals and fossils).

During the first fortnight of August and from 1961 you cna enjoy flamenco singings, La Unión singings, in the most important flamenco festival worldwide.During the "Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas" (the Mines International Singin Festival), the city gets involved in a didactic whirl with plenty of activiies designed to learn and share, to get more deeply into the world of singing, dancing and guitar playing .


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La Unión

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