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The most "Instagrammable" Sites in the Region of Murcia


The most "Instagrammable" Sites in the Region of Murcia

There are places that radiate a unique light, that dazzle you with their colours, and that you want to remember in your mind's eye, forever. Places that inspire, the kind we need to share with the rest of the world so that they know about the magic of their existence.

Get ready, because here we pay tribute to some of those who are bound to fill your feed with "Likes".

The Classics

Natural wonders

Urban Marvels

Sun and sand

Out of this world

Our recommendations

The Classics

Cathedral of Murcia

The indisputable symbol of the city of Murcia and the focal point of countless photographs taken by all those who stroll through the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga. And it's no wonder why!

Roman Theatre of Cartagena

The past, present and future of Cartagena. Despite the passing of ages, this incredible monument continues to stun, from every possible angle.

Castle of Lorca

This monumental medieval fortress was used to defend the border between the kingdoms of Murcia and Granada. If you visit, you won't be able to help but photograph it.

Natural wonders

Parque Regional Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar

Home to flamingos, it features a unique landscape, with a harmonious combination of colours and surprising fauna.

Salto del Usero

Located in the town of Bullas, with truly unique surroundings. For good reason, it is considered one of the Region of Murcia's most beautiful natural spaces. No need for filters here!

Cabo Cope y Puntas de Calnegre Regional Park

Under sunlight or starlight, this regional park is pure magic.

Estrecho de Bolvonegro

Nature and fresh air in Moratalla. A gorge carved out by the power of water, creating truly surprising shapes and cavities.

La Cueva Negra

The views from the top are the greatest reward at these three caverns, where an ancient Roman sanctuary was once located.

La Huerta de Murcia

Fresh fruits and vegetables from here are exported throughout Europe. Nothing could be more natural.

Mirador del Alto de Bayna

There's nothing like a stroll along this walkway that seems to float over the valley to enjoy incredible views. This is one of the most beautiful lookouts in the Region of Murcia, and it is located in Blanca.

Urban Marvels

Los Alcázares

Every corner of the Region of Murcia oozes with art. Classic and modern. Do you like urban art? If you do, don't miss this route in the coastal town of Los Alcázares.

A Masterpiece of Graffiti by Kobra

The city of Murcia was the first place in Spain where the painter Eduardo Kobra produced one of his works of graffiti: a colourful portrait of Salvador Dalí. Impressive!

El Zulo

This bronze sculpture by Víctor Ochoa is a tribute to the victims of terrorism, and can be found on the esplanade of the Port of Cartagena. A must on Instagram.

La Venus en bicicleta (Venus on a Bicycle)

Located in front of the Almudí Palace in the city of Murcia. You can photograph it, or pose next to it. It's up to you!

Rincón de los Casucos de Águilas

This park, with its sparkling mosaic of tiles, is pure inspiration. Its fanciful shapes and vivid colours will really fill your feed with life.

El Mercado de La Unión

The old public market of La Unión is one of the most outstanding examples of Modernist architectural in the Region of Murcia. Worth a photo!

Sun and sand

Mar Menor

We could't live without our Mar Menor, and, with all the beautiful snapshots that it gives us, we couldn't live without photographing it either.

La Manga

Being able to see the sunrise over one sea, and the sunset over another. Pure magic that spurs you to take pictures of unique moments.

Cuatro Calas, Águilas

A protected landscape in the Region of Murcia located in its south-west corner, on the border with Almería, where the sea and nature come together in perfect harmony.


You'll be seduced by this beautiful stretch of unspoiled coastline in Mazarrón, featuring a crescent shape so unique that you will just have to take pictures of it.

Beaches of Lorca / Puntas de Calnegre

It's easy to fall in love with the Costa Cálida with beaches like Puntas de Calnegre on the Lorca coast. Post it on your Instagram and you'll get a shower of emoticons with heart eyes.

Cabo de Palos

There are spots where the Costa Cálida exhibits an indescribable level of beauty. Such is the case in Cabo de Palos. Here all your photos will be imbued with a special light.

Out of this world

Erosiones de Bolnuevo

This unique landscape was declared a Natural Monument of the Region of Murcia in 2019. These impossible shapes have even served as the backdrop for videos.

Barrancos de Gebas

You can stage your photos in this natural area in the Region of Murcia, or on the Moon! Feel love at first sight with this lunar landscape full of contrasts.

Sima de la Higuera

Located in the town of Pliego, its beauty and geological importance have garnered it a declaration as one of the region's Natural Monuments.

Barranco Hondo de Lorca

This site is located 4 km from Lorca's urban centre. Here you will find a striking landscape that is bound to wow you.

Our recommendations

El Arco de Amalia

Near the Algameca Chica, in Cartagena, this natural arch is already well known on Instagram, though many have still yet to behold the stunning sight.

Mount Arabí

To take shots of the most pristine nature from unique perspectives, there's nothing quite like touring Mount Arabí, in Yecla.

Estrecho de la Arboleja

Located in Aledo, it is a corner of the Region of Murcia exhibiting an unworldly beauty, like something out of a storybook!

Cañón de Almadenes

This natural area located between Calasparra and Cieza is perfect for active outdoor sports and contact with nature. And also for taking some beautiful pictures.


Believe us when we tell you that the inland areas of the Region of Murcia are overflowing with charm. Here's proof: the Chicamo River as it passes through Abanilla - one of those landscapes that needs no filters.

Fuentes del Marqués

In Caravaca de la Cruz, where a picnic and a walk enjoying nature at its purest make for a great outing any time of year.

Diving Deep

Sometimes you have to delve deep to discover new "Instagrammable" places

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