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We suggest you connect with the essence of the Region of Murcia by means of its food and wine. Here are some hints on how to treat yourself during your stay.

Eat a strong meal today

Plato said: I like to eat with a ladle (a rather loose rendition and translation, but none the less true). Well, if the first philosopher to form an Akademia had visited the Region of Murcia, he would have really been in his element with so much delicious food.

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What Can I Eat?

In Valencia, paella; in Madrid, cocido; in Galicia, octopus, but what about the Region of Murcia. Sorry, but here we don't have one typical dish, we have LOADS. Don't worry, if you don't have time to try them all, read a few descriptions and choose the one that most takes your fancy.

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Traditional restaurants

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