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The Region of Murcia for nature lovers

- Plans to enjoy these landscapes in a unique way

1/7 Kayak in the sea

The Costa Cálida has a coastline full of hidden corners that one can enjoy in a sustainable way. The most entertaining way to discover them is by kayaking in a unique adventure that mixes adrenaline with landscapes and allows you to sail its calm waters and paddle between almost inaccessible corners. In addition, here is the Mar Menor, the largest salt lagoon in Europe that is an ideal place for practicing all kinds of water sports. Who resists so many charms?

2/7 Strolling on greenways

Throughout its varied geography, this region has a series of hiking and cycling routes perfect for all levels. One of the most outstanding is the Greenway of the Northwest, a path that follows the old railway line that connected Murcia with Caravaca de la Cruz and that has now changed the wagons for hikers who enjoy its diverse landscapes.

3/7 Cycling in Sierra Espuña

The Sierra Espuña Regional Park is an ideal destination for those nature lovers who seek to conquer every corner in a very different way. Its mountains and valleys lend themselves to hiking and mountain bike routes, such as the amazing and innovative Espubike and Esputrek. Another option is to take a balloon ride and enjoy a unique point of view of the carpeted hills with leafy pine and oak trees of this mountain range.

4/7 Hiking in the Barranco de Gebas

This amazing lunar landscape is suitable for all audiences. In fact, its main charm is the contrast between the calcareous badlands and the crystal clear water that lies in its bed, creating a fantasy of color that is discovered step by step and that has its zenith when the Gebas Viewpoint is crowned and contemplated this rarity in an unforgettable panoramic.

5/7 Rafting on the Segura River

This powerful torrent of water is making its way through the entire region, crossing it from end to end and drawing unforgettable gorges, especially in its high channel. It is at this point where you can descend by paddling downstream and enjoying the cracks that its strength has been causing in the mountains. Another amazing experience is the Descent of the Almadenes Canyon, an expedition that begins in the town of Calasparra and is perfect for nature lovers.

6/7 Kitesurf in Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas and Peña del Águila

The virgin beaches of this Regional Park offer amusements for all tastes. For those who prefer strong emotions, their winds and currents are perfect to draw the board and the kitesurf kite and domesticate the waves while distilling adrenaline. Of course, for those who opt for quieter experiences, their sandy areas are a unique setting for horse riding or simply to enjoy silence and tranquility.

7/7 By the salt pans of San Pedro del Pinatar

The Regional Park of the Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar is much more than a singular landscape of colors and surprising fauna. It is also one of those corners that can be traversed actively, either by taking advantage of its network of paths or by navigating its bike lane. And all this while continuing to learn more about the curiosities of this space that is home to flamingos.

The Region of Murcia for nature lovers

The Region of Murcia is a dream destination for those who enjoy nature. Its complex geography, its combination of sea and mountain and its geological peculiarities make it a community full of natural spaces and places of interest both on the coast and in its interior. Landscape wonders that, in addition, can be covered while practicing sports in full communion with Mother Earth.

To escape the madding noise of the city, the region has dreamlike places such as the Regional Park of the Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar, a space where man's work is mixed with the magic of sunsets and the migrations of birds. Very close to this, also in the vicinity of the Mar Menor, the Regional Park of Calblanque is an oasis of tranquility and unspoiled beaches where the Mediterranean sculpts the coast at will creating unique corners.

Once inside, the Sierra Espuña Regional Park surprises with its valleys, hills and calcareous mountains that lend themselves to being discovered by excursions on foot, by bicycle or even by balloon!

All this inventory of blue and green jewelry has an extra: enjoy it differently. And they all have hiking trails and unique leisure options, such as descending the rivers by rafting or tame the waves on a board. The final touch of any plan comes with the night, since Region of Murcia has many viewpoints and places from which to enjoy the night sky.

In short, this community has active leisure activities so that the landscape can be lived in a unique way.

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