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If we talk about the Holy Week in Lorca, it is necessary to point out something exceptional, which has let the Holy Week of the city become an event of International Tourist Interest. We are talking about a world divided into two groups: Blancos (Whites) or Azules (Blues). It is the devotion and the passion; the groups of people who stay in front of the churches where the Virgen de la Dolorosa (Virgin of the Sorrow) of the Azules and the Virgen de la Amargura (Virgin of the Grief)  of the Blancos stay; the loud and fervent shouts of “viva” (hurray!). Serenates, “salves” (Marian hymns) and marches which accompany the collection of the banners of the brotherhoods are more than enough reasons to allow the visitor experience the collective enthusiasm.

The Holy Week in Lorca is quite intense. It combines religious intention, profane manifestation, knowledge and experience of those who are representing stages of the Bible and the Passion for the last two centuries, at the same time that ancient civilisations of History are remembered. This is the reason why the spectacle which takes place during Good Friday in Lorca is unique, with its main “carrera” (procession), impressive parades, paintings which tell something about Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Israel, prophets, emperors or kings. All of these exposed with a Baroque style and a display of imagination which captivates everyone.                                                       

It is also necessary to attract the attention of the visitor so that they do not lose detail of the magnificent embroideries which are exhibited during the “carrera” (procession), as well as the jewellery which are shown in silence. These works made of gold, silk and other fine textiles are well-known and when they are shown in the banners, capes and other adornments, the applauses are immediate. But this is not the end of the story. There is also a moment of authentic enthusiasm behind the cavalries, groups who march on foot, carriages and chariots, it is the moment when the thrones of the Virgen de los Dolores and the Virgen de la Amargura are shown off to the public. Lorca is a cry, a glowing ember. Each inhabitant claps their statue, but the respect for the opposite “paso” is never lost. 

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