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A town predominantly passionate and processional, whose first Nazarene manifestations date back to the late 15th century. Since its beginnings, the Holy Week in Cieza has been evolving to offer today's visitor a wealth of values and nuances that make it unique compared to the rest of the southeastern Spain, leading it to be declared of International Tourist Interest in 2023.

Cieza knows how to demonstrate in its Holy Week that the contemporary and the traditional do not necessarily have to turn their backs on each other, that fidelity to rituals and religious celebrations can also participate in festivity.

Furthermore, Cieza knows how to blend aspects of the sacred and the profane worlds, worlds whose essence may crave the same. During these dates, in a square, on a street, we can witness a Sacramental Auto, but also an intense rain of candies, the burst of joy from the drums, and the reflective concentration of the nights where the agony of a Christ pierced by spears is admired, almost hovering over a darkened city. It is impressive to witness such solemnity. But at the same time, concerts are held on other days, image transfers, children's parades with the offspring of various brotherhoods, fireworks, or the blessing of palms or the hearing of Nazarene-themed proclamations.


The most famous is the Resurrected Procession and the Courtesy of Easter Sunday, where close to 30,000 people gather in an explosion of joy in which thousands of candies cross the sky in a particular "Battle".

The most picturesque is the Auto of the Arrest of Holy Tuesday, an original theatrical representation staged in the Plaza Mayor where the Steps are dramatized with actors, in a visual spectacle that culminates with the Arrest of the Nazarene by the Roman Tercio of the "Armaos".

The most fervent is the Procession of the Descent of Christ, from Holy Friday to Easter Saturday dawn. It is the first procession in the world where this mystery of faith could be contemplated. It is characterized by religious devotion, solemnity amidst torchlight, and the sound of sacred choral music that fills the old town of Cieza.


"The conch shell of the Armaos" that takes place on San Sebastián street and on the promenade on the morning of Good Friday.

"The Dance of the Saints" and "The Courtesy" on Easter Sunday morning.

The transfer of the Holy Christ of Consolation on Palm Sunday from its Hermitage to the Basilica of the Assumption.

The Holy Week Route held on the afternoon of Holy Monday, where the houses-museum of the different brotherhoods and fraternities are visited, as well as the Basilica of the Assumption and the church of San Joaquín.


Candies are indispensable elements in the Holy Week of Cieza, constituting symbols of friendship and brotherhood.

The images are carried on shoulders by carriers with a characteristic step that makes the throne "dance".

In the Penitent or Calvary Procession on the morning of Good Friday, some penitents parade barefoot, carrying the cross or both.

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