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Diving in Cartagena - La Azohía - Cabo Tiñoso (Marine Reserve)

Would you like to go through history in depth? At the bottom of the sea in Cartagena is the key that will open the door to the past. At this destination, immersing yourself is much more than diving among fish. Let your emotions flow in crystal-clear waters at these fascinating seabeds, which are perfect for diving. Cartagena, protected from the easterly wind, offers the possibility of discovering archaeological remains in Costa Cálida.

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Diving sites

Cala Cerrada (7). Inlet with just one access to the sea. Perfect for diving initiation. Depth: up to 30 m.
Cueva del Lago (7). Suitable for all levels. It takes to a natural inner lake which is more than 70 m long. Depth: 3 - 12 m.
El Arco (7) . This is one of the area's emblematic diving options. Here you can contemplate all the Mediterranean underwater sceneries. Depth: up to 37 m.
Punta Falcón (8). Seabeds which are protected from the easterly wind and have a unique position in the Iberian Peninsula. Depth: up to 34 m.
La Farola (8). The edge of Cabo Tiñoso receives a soft current due to the confluence of two bays. This allows for the constant streaming of shoals of predators, benthic species and a unique flora. Depth: up to 54 m.
La Garita (7) . At the foot of an old military construction, the rock forms a group of stepped terraces where one can still see some specimens of charonia lampas. Depth: up to 30 m.

Isla de las Palomas (9). Three different diving options. The island tour stands out. Depth: 5 - 25 m.
Bajo de las Palomas (9) . Underwater mountain ridge next to the island. Depth: 10 - 30 m.
Cueva Neptuno o de la Virgen (9) . Situated on the east of Cabo Tiñoso. It is among the most visited caves. Easy access and ascent to inner lagoon connected to surface. Depth: up to 14 m.
Isla de Escombreras (9) . Three different diving options. The Pared del Capitán (500 m long) stands out. Depth: 0 - 25 m.
Bajo de Escombreras (10) . Ridge next to the island. Depth: 8 - 35 m.
Pecios del Centro de Buceo de la Armada (10) . Remains of a tugboat and cockpit. Depth: 12 - 22 m.
Las siete colinas (9) . Group of seven ridges. Depth: 10 - 30 m.

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