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Diving in Águilas

Once you try diving, you fall in love with the sea. Fish are playing hide-and-seek while seaweed and coral are floating around you at great seabeds. Each diving opportunity is different and you always want to go farther.

In Águilas you can definitely satisfy your thirst of adventure. There is a huge underwater region from Peñón de la Cueva de Los Lobos to Punta Parda. Plenty of diving zones protected by majestic cliffs and beautiful beaches, with every guarantee to avoid risks.

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Diving sites

La losa del Cobacho (2). Advanced-level diving with shipwrecks such as Montoya, El Sable and Hermanos Mayor. There are groupers, barracudas, dentex and ocean sunfish. Depth: 24 - 42 m.
El Rescullador (2). Protected from the easterly wind. Rocky seabed with many black drums, urchins and multicoloured _sh. Depth: 10 - 20 m.
El Jardín (2). Very easy diving with plenty of groupers, breams, dentex, octopuses, morays and European congers. Depth: 25 m.
Piedra de Santa María (2). Perfect for starters. There are lobsters, Mediterranean rainbow wrasses and fredis. Depth: 17 - 21 m.
Cueva del Mármol (2). Easy access and low difficulty. Its name is due to the play of light on the white limestone walls. Depth: 15 - 20.5 m.
Cueva de la Virgen (2). Easy and with almost no currents. It houses the rear of a light aircraft and two shipwrecks: Ana María and Nueva Mi Teresa. Depth: 25 m.
Fontanet (2) . Easy, with possibility of some strong currents. In addition to the Fontanet's poop, there are Atlantic stargazers, diamond lizardfish and some torpedoes. Depth: 12 - 19 m.
La Fuente de Cope (2) . Advanced level. Shoals of damselfish, barracudas, Mediterranean rainbow wrasses, fredis, octopuses... Depth: 30 - 32 m.
La Losa (1). Deep diving with possibility of finding some pelagic species. Lobsters guaranteed. Depth: 30 - 34 m.
Isla del Fraile (2) . Diving with landslide seabeds. There are 3 diving options in the island from -3 m to -30 m. Seahorses guaranteed.


Águilas conquista por sus playas, su historia y su encanto mediterráneo.

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