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In the garden of the square there is a stone ewer that belonged to the sacristy, as well as the entrance arch to the previous church (a Cultural Property), previously located in the Dean's palace and belonging to the 16th century. The primitive hermitage was attached to the palace, obtaining the rank of parish in 1603. In 1704 the Dean's house was demolished but the arch was kept as a new access to the temple and its two columns were also preserved. Next to all this we find an iron cross decorated with flowers and linked to "Las Cruces de Mayo".

The history of Torre Pacheco is linked to its parish. The current church has a white marble foundation stone on its facade, rescued from the primitive parish church founded by Dean Mr. Luis de Pacheco, which is quoted in the following text:


"This church was blessed and declared a parish church being Pope Clement VIII, King of Spain, Don Felipe the Third, Bishop of Cartagena Don Alonso Coloma, Dean Don Luis Pacheco de Arroniz, Chaplain to His Majesty and Lord of this Country Estate. Year 1603".


Next to this tombstone there is a second one that refers to the construction of the primitive tower of the church in 1704. It is made of stone from el Cabezo Gordo and contains the following text:


"This tower was built and extended at the expense of the devout parishioners, with Don Agustin II Del Baño as the parish priest. The year 1704".


Likewise, the heraldic emblem of Dean Don Luis de Pacheco is oval in shape, as befits an ecclesiastical dignity, and contains four quarters corresponding to the Pacheco - Arróniz - Pérez de Barrada and Grimaldo families. In the quarter dedicated to the Pacheco family, the boilers can be seen with the serpents that the emblem of Torre Pacheco has conserved.


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