Vía Verde del Campo de Cartagena

From the coast inland, following in the footsteps of a railway line that never existed.

Campo de Cartagena Greenway recovers the 53.2 km of the unfinished Cartagena - Totana railway line for the enjoyment of hikers and cyclists, crossing Campo de Cartagena and the meadows of Guadalentín. Halfway along, the route meets with Mazarrón Greenway

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Cartagena - Fuente Álamo section

Campo de Cartagena GreenWay starts (or ends) in the district of Los Dolores (to the north of Cartagena) in a reception area next to the crossroads of the old National 301-A highway, and sets o towards the west through suburban towns and fertile land, crossing under the AP-7 motorway.

It then begins a long, straight stretch over the horticultural plains of Campo de Cartagena. A rest area can be found before the junction with the RM-E18 road, and near the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla reservoir (km 3.9). 7.9 km from the start of the route, it arrives at the village of La Aljorra and, bordering this, continues along the way to the Casa Grande estate (km 10.8), where a large industrial site has occupied the original railway line for many years. As such, the Green Way has been allowed to pass around its perimeter, with a small rest area established at one of the corners (km 16.0).

After passing by the estate, the route rejoins the railway line at the foot of the Sierra de Las Victorias and, cutting across a wildlife area and several watercourses, continues towards Fuente Álamo, a town located 20.8 km from the start of the route and oering various services

Fuente Álamo - La Pinilla section

After crossing through Fuente Álamo, a new long, straight stretch begins, making its way through citrus, almond and livestock farms. After passing through the small urban centre of Campillo de Arriba (km 27.8), the route reaches the vicinity of the hamlet of La Pinilla (km 31.8), where the route forks in two: to the north-east, the route continues towards Totana, while, to the east, it begins "Mazarrón Greenway" which arrives in the city of Mazarrón after a 13.7 km journey

Tramo La Pinilla - Totana

On the way to Totana, the route reaches the junction with the RM-E11 road (km 36.2), having passed through an arid and undulating landscape, where a reception area has been set up and the overpass has been continued by means of a large metal footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Further on, near the Condado de Alhama resort, the route deviates in order to cross the RM-23 motorway via an underpass (km 40.1) and, once back on the railway line, heads towards the solitary station of El Romeral (km 41.4), a building with a striking design and dimensions that never came to serve this railway that never was.

In this region, the route borders the protected natural space of the Saladares del Guadalentín, an important hidden wetland and steppe area. At km 46.2, we find the bridge over the Guadalentín, the railway line's main structure. From there, and along the long, straight stretch through the agricultural plains of the River Guadalentín, the green way becomes an asphalted track shared with vehicles.

Finally, after crossing the Murcia-Lorca railway line via the overpass, the green way ends (or starts) at the Totana railway station, an important town located at the foot of the Sierra Espuña natural park.

Connection to the Barrio Peral

On the other hand, it should be noted that there is a signposted connection in Cartagena, spanning 2.3 km through urban roads, which links the small Barrio Peral Greenway (1.8 km) with the start of the "Campo de Cartagena Greenway" in Los Dolores.

Vía Verde Campo de Cartagena

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