Bienvenido al cuaderno de bitácora gastronómico de la Región de Murcia, una tierra donde cada sabor tiene nombre propio. A flor de mar, de huerta y de monte, aquí encontrarás tal variedad de productos y cocinas que necesitarás las mil y una noches para descubrirlo todo. Y para guiarte en ese viaje culinario te contamos los destinos, planes, rincones, recetas, tiendas y noticias más destacadas de nuestros #1001SaboresRM.



Monday, 13 may 2019
Coffee, condensed milk, brandy, Licor 43, cinnamon and lemon rind: "an asiático, please". A formula that crosses the boundaries of time and distance. The coffee that everyone visiting our region must try. Just ask Álex de la Iglesia or José Carlos Capel.

A herald of the #1001FlavoursRM that explores and conquers palates wherever it travels. This delicious concoction's empire already extends from north to south of the Iberian Peninsula. But, like any good explorer, its journey is never-ending and it has been establishing small colonies around the world: from West to East, via Europe (Brighton and Amsterdam) and Asia (Hong Kong). Who wants mass-produced coffee in prefabricated cups when you could have this gem? Take a look at the many spots where you can enjoy it in our city, or on trips.

The Cartagena-based company José Díaz, which has been working with and for Murcia's gastronomy since 1898, is mainly responsible for taking great ingredient around the world. But, if your ability to travel is limited, don't worry. They make things easy with their online shop, where you can pick up one of their great packs: from the individual version to half a dozen for your next get-together with friends. With the exact measurements and instructions for enjoying the real, authentic recipe, just as it's meant to be. And, if you already have the ingredients at home, all you need is the copica (glass) - essential to ensure that the mixture comes out as it should.




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