Connect with Daniel González at the Oicas farm, in Archivel (Murcia)

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Connect among sheep with Daniel
González. Experiential livestock agrotourism activity, on the farm
"Oicas" in Archivel, thanks to the love that Daniel has with his
animals, offers to make us spend a special morning, in the municipality of
Caravaca de la Cruz. This activity offers to activate the senses and feelings
to understand its importance in our lives and in our ecosystem.

What is included in the tour?

- Open doors of the livestock- A place in the interior of Murcia, with
enthusiasm for the countryside and transmit it to everyone who visits it- Practical
shearing workshop to remove the wool from the Segureña sheep.

- Soft drinks and cold drinks

The activity begins that day, but it does not have an end since we will
continue to be in contact through the whatsapp group "Connected between
sheep Caravaca de la Cruz 2024", and it will be a special occasion to ask
about local products.

The activity does NOT include

- Transportation to the farm (ask for the possibility of transportation from
Caravaca to the farm)- Lunch at the restaurant

Information of interest

- It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes appropriate to the time of year,
as well as a change of clothes, sports or field shoes (sandals, shoes or
platforms with heels are not recommended).- Sun protection,  Sunscreen, hat or raincoat if rain is
forecast.- If you have any special needs, it is advisable to let us know in
advance.- If you want to eat with us, we offer the possibility of doing so.
Notify in advance to make the restaurant reservation.

Book your place:

- Price per adult: 25¤ VAT included- Price per child < 18 years old: free.

Contact us: +34622448239. Miguel Carbayo 

In this rural tourism activity,
we want to involve attendees in the experience of living, feeling and
touching for a few hours the sensations and benefits of rural activity,
as guarantors of the current landscape, as well as being able to learn about
the environmental and ecosystem benefits offered by an ancient and ancestral
activity such as extensive sheep grazing in Segureño, the tailors of our
territory, and which unfortunately is doomed to extinction without popular and
social support. These territories inhabited by  wild fauna (which we do not promise to
be able to see), such as goldfinches, shrikes, buntings and greenfinches, or
bee-eaters, partridges, rabbits, or snakes such as the bastard snake, the
hoopoe, the white wagtail, the quail, the common vole, the blind shingles or
the common toad, among others, it is worth discovering everything that
it contributes to society  as a whole and
to the locals in particular. In addition, it also has mammals such as
bats, hares, wild boars, and predatory animals, or even birds of prey such as
kites and also carrion birds such as vultures. All this fauna exists thanks to
the conservation of a territorial heritage that allows this great variety of
fauna to continue to exist in our environment. Likewise, human beings, for
centuries, have been shaping the territory, using the appropriate areas to
produce food, the mountains and wild areas for fodder use with sheep and the
symbiosis between agricultural production and animal production have always
gone hand in hand... until a few decades ago. For the experiential agricultural
and livestock activity: meet yourself among sheep, we want to join forces
between the farmers of the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz, for its jubilee
year in 2024 and Armentum Pecore as a connoisseur of the livestock world, to
offer a sensory and sentimental journey that will mark a before and after. We
have the support of half a dozen cattle ranches in Caravaca de La Cruz. In this
particular experience, we will have Daniel González, a 2nd generation farmer
who has left some jobs in the city to return to the countryside and enjoy
nature and be able to maintain it. For this reason, we will offer the
possibility of:- Raising awareness of the essential role of properly managed
livestock in the territory- The benefits of having the space occupied with
productions that recycle what we are not able to recycle (shrubs, grasses,
meadows, meadows, plant remains, riverbanks, valleys...) - Determine which
products are healthier  for
humans. To value that a local food, obtained from local animals,
managed by local  people and
consumed by local consumers... It activates a virtuous circle of
happiness, health and love for our environment.

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Connect with Daniel González at the Oicas farm, in Archivel (Murcia) - Adulto 25,00 €

Connect with Daniel González at the Oicas farm, in Archivel (Murcia) - Niño < 18 años 0,00 €



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