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Active Tourism Activities in the Region of Murcia


The rich variety of different terrain offered by the Region of Murcia makes it ideal for all manner of outdoor pursuits. Hill climbing or mountain biking to the top of its towering massifs, scaling rock faces and limestone formations hundreds of metres in extent or walking for hours on end along coastal footpaths that were once used by miners or fishermen are amongst the possibilities. There is a network of recreational routes (PR) with over thirty different trails that criss-cross the region from one end to the other, including more than a dozen long distance routes (GR).

The presence of numerous peaks (150 of which are over 1,000 metres high) is highly prized by climbers and fans of other adventure sports. Mountain ranges such as the Sierra Espuña, Revolcadores, the Pico de El Almorchón, those around Cartagena or the Pico del Buitre are some of the most popular for such activities.

The Region of Murcia also offers a host of options for caving enthusiasts. In the interior of its many caves and chasms there are interesting examples of pre-historic rock art. The Cueva del Puerto cave in Calasparra, the Sima Destapada chasm in Isla Plana or the La Cueva de La Serreta cave in Cieza, are just some of the Region of Murcia's underground treasures. Caves can be found both on the coast and in the interior and offer a variety of difficulty ratings so that novices and experienced speleologists alike can discover the interior of some of the region's different catalogued caves.


It is precisely when it comes to water sports that the Region of Murcia's lovely weather is most appreciated. More than 3000 hours of sun a year and mild temperatures, with an annual average of 18ºC, make the region the ideal destination for enjoying active tourism in winter and in summer.

Two seas (the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor) on a single stretch of coast mean that the range of water sport options is even more extensive: The tranquil waters of the Mar Menor, a 170m2 saltwater lagoon, are the ideal setting for activities such as sailing, kite surfing, kayaking or jet skiing. It is also possible to enjoy these sports in other areas of the Costa Cálida including Águilas, Mazarrón, Cabo de Palos, La Manga and other places along the Cartagena coast, such as El Portús, La Azohía or Isla Plana. In addition, the Estación Náutica Mar Menor - Cabo de Palos provides visitors with a wide selection of water sports along the coast of La Manga and the Mar Menor.

Every bit as exciting is the experience that awaits in the depths of the Costa Cálida's underwater world, which is ideal for scuba diving and cavern diving. Thanks to the area's numerous diving schools, even those who have never dived before will soon be able to dive amongst wrecks or in marine reserves such as the Islas Hormigas Reserve in Cabo de Palos or amid posidonia meadows in Águilas and Mazarrón. Another interesting activity is whale and dolphin watching off the Murcian coast.

Flowing through gorges such as the Almadenes Canyon and protected landscapes of outstanding natural beauty in districts such as Cieza or Calasparra, the River Segura is another great setting for adventure pursuits. Down-river canoeing or kayaking and river rafting are a couple of the options.


Seen from the skies, the full glory of the Region of Murcia's contrasting geography is revealed, with peaks, massifs and mountain ranges that form natural vantage points, which are ideal for adventure sports such as paragliding, hang-gliding, zip wiring, gliding...

In the region there are many companies that specialise in the organisation of such activities and can tailor them to each individual's level of experience, maximising enjoyment and ensuring the utmost safety.

It is also possible to take a light aircraft flight over the region from the coast to the interior, which is a great way to experience the beauty of the Murcian landscape. Flights can be arranged from several of the region's aerodromes, such as those in Totana, Los Martínez del Puerto (Murcia), Alcantarilla or San Javier, amongst others. For the more adventurous, a parachute jump is another option.


  • Recreational routes (PR): Some 30 different routes spread across the whole of the region
  • Long distance routes (GR): Twelve spread across the whole region
  • GR7: Runs through the region on its route from northern Europe
  • Vía Verde (Green Route): 48km (between Murcia and Caravaca)

Hill Climbing (on Foot or by Bike)
  • Ascent of the Pico de Revolcadores (altitude: 2,021m). A7 Map
  • Ascent of the Morrón Chico de Espuña (1,527m). F8 Map
  • Ascent of the Cima de La Madama (Sierra del Carche). H3 Map
  • Ascent to Villafuerte (from Calar de la Santa, 1,750m). B6 Map
  • Ascent to El Buitre (Moratalla, 1,428m). C6 Map
  • Sierra de la Pila (Fortuna, 1,500m). H5 Map
  • Sierra de Ricote. G5/6 Map

  • Valle de Leiva (1km in length with more than 100 climbing routes and one of Spain's best climbing schools). F8 Map
  • Pico de El Almorchón (Cieza, 768 m.). G5 Map
  • Cresta de El Gallo, Panocha (Murcia) . I8 Map
  • Embalse de la Cierva Reservoir (Mula). F6 Map
  • Cabezo de la Fuente (Los Belones). k10 Map
  • Peñasblancas (Cartagena). I10 Map
  • Sierra de Ricote. G5/6 Map

Horse Riding
  • Calblanque (Cartagena). K10 Map
  • Blanca. G6 Map
  • Serranía de Caravaca. D6 Map
  • Moratalla. D5 Map
  • Mazarrón bay area.H11 Map
  • El Valle & Carrascoy Regional Park. H8 Map

  • Cueva de El Puerto cave (Calasparra). E5 Map
  • Cueva de La Higuera cave (Pliego). F7 Map
  • Cueva del Pozo cave (Jumilla). G3 Map
  • Sima Destapada chasm (Isla Plana, Mazarrón). I11 Map
  • La Torreta, in the Revolcadores massif. A7 Map
  • Sima del Buitre chasm (Caravaca de la Cruz). C6 Map
  • Sima de Talayón chasm (Lorca). E10 Map
  • Sima Caneja chasm (Barranda). C7 Map
  • Sima del Pulpo chasm (Cieza). G5 Map

Of particular artistic interest due to presence of rock paintings:
  • Cueva de La Serreta cave (Cieza). G5 Map
  • Sima de la Yedra chasm (Jumilla). G3 Map
  • El Canto de la Visera and El Mediodía shelters (Yecla). I2 Map
  • La Cueva de Mina Victoria cave (Estrecho San Ginés, Cartagena). k10 Map

Cycling Tours and Mountain Biking
  • Sierra Espuña. F8 Map
  • North-West. From AE4 to AE7
  • El Arco del Nevazo (Caravaca de la Cruz). D6 Map
  • Sendero de los Miradores (Caravaca de la Cruz). D6 Map
  • Moratalla. C5 Map
  • North-East. From GI1 to GI4
  • Sierra del Carche (Jumilla). H3 Map
  • Valle de Ricote. G5/6 Map
  • Cieza. G5 Map
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Águilas. F12 Map
  • El Valle de La Fuensanta valley (Murcia). H8 Map


  • Blanca. G6 Map
  • Abarán. G5 Map
  • Cieza. G5 Map
  • Embalse de la Rambla de Algeciras Reservoir (Barranco de Gebas). G8 Map
  • Embalse de la Cierva Reservoir (Mula). F7 Map
  • Embalse de Santomera Reservoir. 16 Map
  • Embalse del Cenajo Reservoir (Moratalla). 04 Map

  • Blanca. G6 Map
  • Cieza. G5 Map
  • Calasparra. E5 Map
  • Archena. G6 Map

Sea Kayaking
  • Mar Menor. k9/10 Map
  • La Manga. k9/10 Map
  • Cabo de Palos. L10 Map
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Águilas. F12 Map
  • Cartagena. J11 Map

Scuba Diving
  • Cueva de la Virgen (Águilas). F12 Map
  • Isla del Fraile (Águilas). F12 Map
  • Calabardina (Águilas). F12 Map
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Cabo Tiñoso (Cartagena) I11 Map
  • Isla de las Palomas (Cartagena). I11 Map
  • La Manga (Islotes). L9 Map
  • Islas Hormigas (Cabo de Palos). L10 Map

Cavern Diving
  • Cabo Tiñoso (Cartagena). I11 Map
  • Cueva del Agua (Isla Plana, Cartagena). H11 Map
  • Águilas. F12 Map
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map

  • Águilas. F12 Map
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Cartagena. I11 Map
  • La Manga. K9/10 Map
  • Cabo de Palos. L10 Map
  • Mar Menor. K9/10 Map

Whale & Dolphin Watching
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Cabo de Palos. L10 Map
  • Águilas. F12 Map

Water Skiing/Jet Skiing/Windsurfing/Kitesurfing
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Águilas. F12 Map
  • Mar Menor. k9/10 Map
  • La Manga. k9/10 Map
  • Cabo de Palos. L10 Map
  • Cartagena. I11 Map

Fresh-Water Fishing
  • Santomera. 16 Map
  • Embalse de la Cierva Reservoir (Mula). F7 Map
  • Embalse del Cenajo Reservoir (Moratalla). D4 Map
  • Pantano del Azud de Ojós Reservoir (Abarán). G6 Map

Sea Fishing
  • Águilas. F12 Map
  • Mazarrón. H11 Map
  • Cartagena. I11 Map
  • La Manga. k9/10 Map
  • Cabo de Palos. L10 Map


Hang Gliding, Paragliding
  • Sierra del Carche (Jumilla). H3 Map
  • Carrascoy (Murcia). H8 Map
  • Yechar (Mula). F7 Map
  • La Muela (Alhama de Murcia). G8 Map
  • La Paca (Lorca). D8 Map
  • Peña Rubia (Cehegín). D7 Map
  • Sierra de la Pila (Fortuna). H5 Map
  • Peña Rubia (Lorca). D10 Map
  • Bolnuevo. G11 Map
  • Sierra de Ascoy. G5 Map
  • Aledo. F9 Map
  • El Bordillo (Fortuna). 16 Map
  • Zarcilla de Ramos (Lorca). C8 Map
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